Daniel asked 4 months ago

How often do you buy a new smartphone? What are your reasons for buying a new smartphone?


How often do you buy a new smartphone? What are your reasons for buying a new smartphone?

I've usually only gotten a new one once the previous one becomes unusable (or close enough to it), but my previous phone was missing enough features (or, well, mostly just NFC) that I took the opportunity to get a replacement paid for by my workplace after


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Answered by ashy

Tend to make it 2-3 years. I wanted to make my Pixel 2 XL last 3 years but one bodged battery replacement later...

Answered by Karina

Maybe every 4.5 years, when the current one can't keep its battery charged or stops working for some other reason. Although, last time I got a new phone it was because the previous one was stolen because I forgot it at work, and couldn't get it back.

Every 3-4 years. My first two were iPhones (4s and 6). They used to belong to my brother, and I bought them from him when his contracts for them ended. The first smartphone I bought new (my 3rd and current one), is the Samsung Galaxy A50. I bought it becau


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I'm clumsy as fuck, so I go through a couple of phones a year. Every time I buy a phone it's because I've broke it or lost it

I still have the same one from 2011

maybe once every two to three years ... pretty much whenever I feel like my current one just doesn't do it anymore (e.g. due to battery concerns or whatever)

I never owned a smartphone. Sister bought one not long ago for 700€.

I used to every year, but I bought a Pixel 3 almost two years ago and probably not going to switch in the immediate future unless it breaks... just don't really care anymore - now I'll never get my tech podcast going 😢

Typically every two years because that was when they started to malfunction. But I used to own iPhones and we now know this was by design. I have no intention of "upgrading" till my current phone stops working.

never, i dislike them

Answered by xvilyv

My phone is three years old. I have no need for a new one since I do not use it to compare dick sizes with my peers.

I own an iPhone 6. And I'm only now thinking of getting an upgrade because its too old to download some apps now.

Answered by Pandy

I've only owned three smartphones. (The first one I didn't even ask for, but now I'm more or less hooked on them.) I don't remember my reason for buying the second one. Oh yeah, now I remember. I didn't buy it, somebody had left it at my mom's work and aft


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Answered by inhahe