Daniel asked 4 months ago

What is a cute date idea?


What is a cute date idea?

You sit in a car, your date sits in another car parked 14 feet away from the one you're in. And then you wave at each other.

I like activities, maybe cooking a nice dinner together

Answered by Pandy

Picnic to a scenic lookout/place.

Answered by LaDamaX

a picnic.

Answered by inhahe

alley handjobs, adorable

Going for a hike wearing special matching, multi-pocketed outfits.

Answered by Penelope

you wearing a shirt with a rubber duckie on it and crying

Answered by xvilyv

Going out with someone who is cute or someone who is very much younger

Answered by J1smith

I've heard good things about indoor rock climbing. Plus you get to see your date in tight fit clothing from below 👍

I don't know, maybe an animal sanctuary.

Let her eat spaghetti from your chest.

barhopping to find the bar bathroom w the best acoustics (obviously this is ideal when there isn't a pandemic)

Grab her by the hole

To meet with a cute person is always a cute date idea.