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I think we need a blocking people feature on retrospring. What do you say?


I think we need a blocking people feature on retrospring. What do you say?

Yes, but I think that all the users that need to be blocked are the the kind of users who will just send 80 public questions about how so-and-so blocked them. Which anyone who has blocked them will be seeing, because there will be people who they follow th


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no we don't. only cowards like you would suggest that because you're too scared to defend yourself.

Answered by xvilyv

what can i say except for:
implement it @racc

Redoing my answer.

I don't like it for two reasons. 1. I'd have to worry all the time about whether this or that person has blocked me.. 2. People blocking each other left and right means less activity in general, which means (a) less for me to read, and


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Answered by inhahe

It would be nice but I doubt I'd use it. I learned not to be too bothered by what people say online. Though, on rare occasions I blocked some users on Twitter mainly because I was tired of seeing their propaganda tweets lying around my feed.

Answered by Arman

Ok, fine I'll do it.

Answered by Karina

Well, I would just ignore them anyway. Unless they're kinda insane and bordering on harassment and full on stalking mentality, with a small side of delusional, which they don't realise even if you tell them straight up. That's a problem but you'd need far


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I didn't even know that retrospring lacked such feature

I'm not really in the mood to boss the mod's and admin's around. They don't get enough gratitude for hosting and maintaining a site for free while they study and try to make something of their lives.

Answered by Pandy

Been long overdue

That would be like a dream come true.

i think that would be lovely tbh