Daniel asked about 2 months ago

What can you do with a skateboard?


What can you do with a skateboard?

I can stand on it and maybe go about 3mph.

Pretend I skateboard, sustain a serious injury.

Give it to my daughters

I never had those growing up... but now I got 2 to try out some "Fun Workouts" > https://youtu.be/SZWuk39LUw0

Jump on it and do a sick flip onto the floor.

Give it to the girl who I am tutoring and watch her doing tricks.

Tbh I can do some sicccc manuals, a nollie shove it, a small set of stairs, andalmost kickflip/ heelflip

Carry cats around.

Decorate my bedroom or maybe get an injury

I can ollie, and do around 1/2 - 3/4 rotation of a heelflip - as long as I'm stationary and holding on to something (aka easy mode). Or, at least I could 15 years ago. I'd probably pull a muscle if I tried now.

Never heard of it. What is it, like a board that you skate on? First impressions? It sounds fun and cool and kinda sexy of someone to be able to do that. If anyone ever meets a person in their late 20s who's still that fun and cool and sexy, maybe they sho


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Break my ankle in 3 places 🙃

fall off it.

1% of the stuff Marty McFly is capable.