Daniel asked about 2 months ago

Do you know someone who doesn't like pizza?


Do you know someone who doesn't like pizza?

They're a myth

My adopted Asian sister with 3 legs.

Claro que si.... I don't "like" pizza... I "love" it 🍷😝🍕

Yea my grandmother but only if she's not the one who made it🙂

Yes, I know a couple of people. One who doesn’t like cheese, and one who doesn’t like tomatoes.

Hmmm... I know a self-reported 'glutten intolerant almost vegan', I'm going to guess he tries not to eat pizza.

Tbh I don't associate with those SAVAGES

My cousin hates cheese so she won't eat pizza with cheese in it. I don't consider that pizza.

Absolutely not

No, I don't.


It's possible. Most people I know, I don't know specifically whether they like pizza or not.

Yeah, my dad didn't like pizza at all.

Yes, ex-girlfriend 's best friend, suspected foreign asset SMH

No. But tbh I am very sick of pizza, especially spicy meatfeasts