Daniel asked 3 days ago

Do you brush your tongue?


Do you brush your tongue?


Answered by xvilyv

Often. After having said bad words.

No, it makes me retch

Answered by Penelope

I tongue my brush

No, I didn't know it was a thing

Answered by arthurware

Seldom but it happens.

Yeh, I would be disturbed if my tongue had a thicc biofilm on it that is painting rooms because she's not renting

yes. i see a couple of ppl here with stank ass breaths huh

Answered by slagathor

Yes. You need to otherwise prepare to stank the following morning.

You bet your gosh darn rear end I do

Answered by Pawesome

...mouthwash :)

Answered by Pandy

No. The first time I'd heard of someone brushing their tongue, my friend told me she brushed her tongue and I wouldn't believe it. She spent like 5 minutes trying to convince me, and I thought she was just joking with me like the wacky self she was. haha.


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Answered by inhahe

I don't brush my teeth.

Answered by Virgule