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What was the highest speed that you have driven in a car?


What was the highest speed that you have driven in a car?



I did Hundred pn a highway in Florida. No one was are. Freaking scary, wheel was shaking 😆

Around 240 km/h, but it wasn't fun, the car was constructed to just drive straight, no corners, so I fell back to 180, which was what the car could handle without becoming uncontrollably wobbly.

We were in Atlanta and my friend rented a Jaguar and he let me take it down I-75 at 120-ish mph, not that you could even really feel it inside the vehicle

100 mph. I was curious.

Answered by LaDamaX

GTR after upgrading. 200mph+

Answered by J1smith

90 mph

150km/h, but I wasn't driving

Answered by arthurware

150 Km/h

a little over 100 mph on a highway in the boonies

Answered by slagathor

Probably like 120 on the freeway in NY. If you drive the legal limit there everyone will pass you by.

Just over 140 mph tbh

Answered by Pawesome

around 100-105 mph I think.

Wasn't even my car

Answered by Scott

🍀over 90 in a 75 mph hwy road (luckily never pulled over) i was driving others & over 100/110 mph maybe more on country back road (i was on my own, windows down music up) definitely not an adrenaline junkie