Daniel asked 7 months ago

What's the best dish that you can cook?


What's the best dish that you can cook?

Teriyaki chicken, with home made sauce and sautΓ©ed vegetables

I don't if you heard of it but my Olivier salad is not bad.

I can cook many things. It’s all made with love (except for when I’m moody and feeling resentful). You’d have to try it all to tell me what you like.

The dish I like to make to impress people is my smoked salmon / prawn pasta in a season white wine sauce... its lush and rich and has major restaurant vibes :)

I’m a good potato maker. Potato salad, fries, steak fries, mash, soup, etc

Boeuf bourguignon. The trick is to use a good quality wine.

I can make some pretty okay pork chops I tell you hwat