Daniel asked 3 months ago

How dangerous are you?


How dangerous are you?

When I was a kid I kicked a bunch of kids in the balls! So don't try to fuck with me! Man when I think about my childhood I feel lucky that I didn't end up in jail or something ...

Answered by Arman

You're in danger of having a good time if you have a few drinks with me

πŸ€” to others? That's debatable to myself?.... πŸ₯² I am no suicidal, just make dumb choices. For example NEVER EVER ...EVER open the radiator cap to your vehicle when it's been running and is warm πŸ‘€ you risk it exploding in your face 😭 lmao... Somehow i didn't


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Unfortunately I'm harmless

The person who I’m of the most danger to is myself. Other than that, I’m not intentionally harmful to anyone.

Answered by LaDamaX

Since I'm so clumsy, probably very, I could trip and unwillingly push you into oncoming traffic :O

Answered by Luis

Well, negativity/anger/toxicity seems quite infectious, so regardless of intentions, it'll slant to that side until it's better and stays that way. So I can be dangerous in that way. My vibes and attitude, or if my anger does any of the talking πŸ˜…, that see


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Answered by Antho

About 4%

Not very, unless you're a cockroach trying to get anywhere near my house

Answered by Pawesome

Not the most dangerous user, sadly.

My brother and I are shocked about the fact that so many people who did harm us, him or me had to deal with a horrible faith later in life.

Occasionally I like to dust cinnamon over my apple sauce.


to the status quo? very

I have no cruel intent, but my self defense is alive and well.