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Do you know what engineers do?


Do you know what engineers do?


Designs and builds in whatever their area of specialization is.

Answered by LaDamaX

Its equivalent word in Persian [and maybe Arabic] literally means "Someone who knows geometry". I'm not very good at geometry TBH!

Answered by Arman

All sorts.

make paper airplanes and bet money on whose will fly the farthest, and then argue because the second farthest distance flown had the most stable flight path and thus was the most viable aircraft and should have won

Not sure because there are so many different types tbh

Hit things with a wrench

Build engines!!!

Answered by cLOUD

They use brain, tech, and materials to make nice things

I have an idea

Answered by MERIDA

War Will Smith in "7 Leben" nicht ein Engineer? Der konnte technische Geräte reparieren wie ein Rohrspatz.

Get drunk and cry

Boast about their job prospects and insist "no one else" can figure out calculus because they aren't as gifted as they are (especially on sites like reddit). Then design doorknobs for a living, die off with their virginity intact.

Design parts that are impossible to machine

Answered by Pawesome