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What do you associate with the following things: Dark souls, anime, entropy, Capybara, tissue, instagram, dom, China


What do you associate with the following things: Dark souls, anime, entropy, Capybara, tissue, instagram, dom, China

Dark Souls: "The Dark Souls of"

Anime: Tiddies

Entropy: Isolated System is not the best MUSE song

Capybara: Coconut dog

Tissue: stores N2 under pressure

Instagram: "doin it for the 'gram"

Dom: Catholics flexing with their fancy churches

China: fancy


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Difficult, One Piece, Crash Bandicoot (lol), Dog Rodent, Sneezing, Attention Seeking, Family, Lo Mein.

Impossible, Japan, waste, mommy, surgery, aspiring models, FAMILY, shit quality knockoffs

dark souls= goths, anime= Japan, entropy= Chaos/classroom, Capybara=gentle giant hamsters, tissue=cells, Instagram= visual sensory overload, dom=Why can’t we just say the whole word? , China= China virus/Trump

bonfires, tsundere girls who give you nothing but attitude but love you deep down, chaos theory, giant rats, those Charmin commercials with the bears who poop like people, Facebook still having you, do you mean dom like Madame Penelope punishing me kind of


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Dark souls - nothing. Anime- waifu. Entropy- physics. Capybara- you. Tissue - corpse. Instagram - camera. Dom- whip. China - 🇨🇳

Dark Souls - Bloodborne Anime - One Piece Entropy - emo song Capybara - Brazilian dude on here rides one to and from work Tissue - human flesh Instagram - Wannabe Kardashians Dom - Vin Diesel's character on the fast and furious movies China - Dim sum

dark souls - a video game
anime - studio ghibli
entropy - physics, thermodynamics
capybara - giant rodent
tissue - innards, operations, sneezes
instagram - hot girls
dom - document object model (web programming)
china - very populated country


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Cunts, Cunts, Cunts, Cute, Nose, Cunts, Gears of War, Liu Bei

Dark souls: Stephen King. Anime: cartoons. Entropy: internet friend. Capybara: chupacabra. Tissue: nose. Instagram: you. Dom: Perignon. China: duck.

In order of appearance: swords, Naruto, physics, São Paulo (the city), sneeze, data, tech, power

the guy from assassin's creed, big anime tiddies, delta S, biggest rodent, a collection of cells, the instagram logo, me, Chaiiiina

Games , my life ❤️❤️❤️, no idea, fish, boogies, pictures, sex?, Like to visit some day.

Vampires, Sailor Moon, order, guinea pig, silk, fashion, sub, tea.