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Could all billionaires combined end world hunger?


Could all billionaires combined end world hunger?

yeah, for a limited time. throwing money at a problem doesn't solve underlying issues mostly.


They could definitely help but it's more than just a money problem

I think so

with their combined wealth and power, if they really wanted to i think they could easily afford to, and set up the infrastructure and distribution systems needed to maintain food security everywhere. but alas! the problem now isn't even that we can't affor


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I'm going to go against the grain and say yes, absolutely.

But its about putting systems and processes in place to ensure a consistent flow of resources reaches the people in need.

Billionaires have both the money and influence to do this.

i don't think so

No. The way the economy works makes just paying to feed the hungry not sustainable. Only changing the reasons why people cannot earn what they need to sustain their life might help ending the hunger.

Easily. But there’s a lot more to it than just handing out food to poor people.

It even takes far less than all of them.

Well its possible, but I think it would be naive to think this is an issue you can just through money at. Plenty of large scale charities have tried before to no success. With their combined influence and attention on the mater (as well as their funds) I t


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It should never be left up to them TBH, if people starve or not based on the whims of billionaires your society dun goofed

Yes. Currently half the world survives on less than $2 US dollars a week. Every celebrity in Hollywood accounts for about 30% of all green house gas emissions while comprising less than .0001% of the world population. They can probably end starvation if th


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There are like 1000 billionaires but millions of people in hunger, I doubt they could distribute enough food by themselves, that would need at least 100000 people and good logistics infrastructure