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What is your most conservative view?


What is your most conservative view?

I don't find piercings and tattoos attractive.

Argyle sweaters are the 💩 (in a good way).

If responsible, you should be able to own a gun and use it for defense.

Homeowners should be allowed to shoot at intruders. one example, not sure if most conservative.


All.senior.citizens.shoud.have.life alert

I think abortion is sick.

A good education is the only sort of wealth that resists inflation and many sort of crisis.

I guess that I believe in responsible gun ownership - but really it's not even that conservative, no one paid much mind to gun control until the Black Panthers started arming themselves back in the day, that when is certain people decided guns were a probl


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Swords should be manufactured and people should be allowed to buy them.

And yes, I know middle age things are slightly too conservative

Probably something to do with population control (call me Thanos, but most of our major societal problems can be in part solved by less people being on the planet).

Kate should refrain from wearing Micky mouse ears with army boots... 👀

I try not to use denglish that often.