Daniel asked 12 days ago

Do you congratulate people when they have a new baby?


Do you congratulate people when they have a new baby?

I usually say something like "oh I'm sorry to hear that"

Answered by Pawesome

I do, but secretly I feel badly for how sleep deprived and tired they’ll soon be. 😩

Answered by LaDamaX

Usually if they're close friends or family.

Answered by Arman

Yes. Pre baby, with gusto. After baby, just to be polite. Those mofos don’t know what they’re getting into, and I’m not going to be the one to break it to them that their old lives … are .. ovah suckaaaaaa

Answered by cLOUD

At most, I'll comment 'Congratulations!' when they announce it on Facebook.

Sure, just spare me the 38 pictures of it spitting up, because then I'm checking out

Of course.

No, nobody should be having babies..

Answered by inhahe

Only if it's not ugly

Yes. I can even feign interest for short periods too. Just don’t ask me if I want to hold it.

Answered by Penelope


I do wish them luck. The congratulations would be due when said children stand on their own feet, but by then nobody cares.

I say the same thing I normally say whenever someone mentions their baby. "Oh. Very nice."

Answered by korstybai

Yes, its common courtesy

Answered by Pandy