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What makes absolutely no sense to you at all?


What makes absolutely no sense to you at all?

The whole "I'm a badass because I drive a pickup truck" mentality. I'd love for one of those retards to explain to me the reasoning behind that

This world

People who think they can pick and choose things to be self righteous about. Aye you're okay with bullying people but you're also gonna tell me off for saying the word "faggot"?

Maga lovers

Keynesian economics

even economics in general

Economics. Like trying to keep jobs in the US so that people get paid more. Like, how is it not a benefit to, as a nation, receive the products of very cheap labor from other countries? It's like if I paid you $5 to paint my house instead of doing it mysel


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Women being attracted to me, make it make sense 🤷‍♂️


I'm an active [email protected] user and contributor. I learned that there are users who purposefully make their work packages fail. This is like pulling a vital brick out of a stack. This makes absolutely no sense. But whatever those people intend with their a


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How people can actually think the Star Wars sequel trilogy is good

People who are abusive and then blame it on there mental health/religion. 🤔