Daniel asked 7 months ago

Are you afraid of dying?


Are you afraid of dying?

No I'm afraid of growing old, being sick, gaining weight and being unhappy in general

As in dying from old age? The no deffo not. As in maybe being killed or murdered yeah deffo.

Yes. It’s like being forced to go to bed while everyone else is still partying. Even if I wasn’t having fun I still don’t want to miss out ya know?

Not exactly. I'm afraid of dying in a way where my loved ones don't know. Or dying from something stupid. Or dying in a way where people see me suffer for a long time and only remember me as frail... but dying in general? nah.

I'll not be afraid on my deathbed, plenty of time to deal with it in a healthy manner, but I will be afraid in a life threatening situation. anyone telling you otherwise just sounds like an edgelord.

What Merida said. Though I wouldn't want to die anytime soon because my mom would be absolutely devastated.

No. I'm afraid of the pain and the suffering while I die

No, I am afraid of people who never gave a fuck getting to paw all over my shit when I'm gone