Daniel asked 7 months ago

What made you think “Fuck, I’m not young anymore”?


What made you think “Fuck, I’m not young anymore”?

I started to feel that way after I turned 23 or so. I think it was because by that age my parents already had a 2 and 4-year old and had immigrated to a new country.

Most of my friends are married. Some of them even have kid[s].

Turning 25. I'll be 30 on my next birthday though and that has me shook.

My period. For the first three years it only lasted three days - no cramps, bloating or mood swings ( I was always in a bad mood, so it's hard to tell ). Now it lasts a full fucking week, I look pregnant, and I'll probably have a meltdown over something stupid

🥺what... Why would you ask such a thing ? Lol i admit playing with my friends kids i see they are full of a spark and energy. Sometimes life's problems dull that spark.. but you have to find ways to reignite it over and over.

When I got abysmally tired at 3 o'clock in the morning and lost fun in being out that night.

Someone on Twitter said something like, "okay, I'll bite. Who is Britney Spears?"

Hint of jowls. A white hair. Achy back.

Taylor Swifts '22'... its the latest age I've heard in media for being young... unless you die. Then the news will call you young.