Daniel asked 7 months ago

Rum or whisky?


Rum or whisky?


Rum. Whisky is repulsive. The smell alone...

Answered by Penelope

Whiskey. Rum is for pirates.

RUM!  Rum is good for me health.

I used to like whisky a lot, but idk if I could drink it now. That was back when I was tyrna burn out my insides, back when maladjusted ppl were attracted to how maladjusted and cis-looking I was.

I'm still pretty dysfunctional, I just have softer ski


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I can't hack either of those.

ooo.... Rum as a whole. But you can't beat a great whisky.

Answered by Pandy

rum burns less


Answered by xvilyv


Answered by @liz£h

Whiskey is nasty af, rum is okay but not one of my favorites.

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Answered by J1smith

Whisky, but I don't drink alcohol anymore.


Answered by LaDamaX

first one, then the other