What's the last item you have bought?


What's the last item you have bought?

Just treated myself to a new watch. my first microbrand watch

Groceries. It were a lot of items. Other than groceries, I got a new USB C hub for my MacBook

I bought groceries yesterday but aside from that, I bought a competition suit for the girl bc hers ripped at last weekend’s swim meet.

I ordered a bunch of groceries to be delivered to my house … except they didn’t come to my house but instead were dropped off at the address I had used last in the app- my cousin’s house where he no longer lives 😭 🤦‍♀️

Organic bananas, except I didn't intend to buy organic bananas and didn't realise until I scanned them at the checkout.

I just ordered a handbag for my cleaner’s daughter’s 18th birthday.

The second to last thing I bought was much more interesting, I just opened it a few minutes ago:

(Actually the third to last thing since I ordered two flavors from the first link.)