Daniel asked 10 days ago

How's the weather?


How's the weather?

Overcast today, but still warm.

Answered by LaDamaX

It was sunny and is still a little sunny but the sun is setting now, 92°F but it was hotter earlier. Very humid. Lots of mosquitoes, but the vultures have left.


Thunderstorms all week. Which I don't mind if I'm home it's oddly relaxing.


Answered by J1smith

It's been cloudy for a couple of days and I reckon it's gonna rain again.

Answered by Arman

Overcast, rainy, I got wet between car and office door.

Answered by Kate

Fucking hot. I'm melting

Answered by DUST

Everything's on fire, could be worse.

Answered by nick

stormy but hot, feels like you're in a bathtub outside

Windy and rainy. Not complaining though

Answered by korstybai

He's fine.

Answered by Hana

Normal. As always.

Answered by inhahe

it is 34°C (94°F) but IDC because I haven't been outside in a hot minute

Answered by slagathor