Daniel asked 10 days ago

What do you talk about with your haircutter?


What do you talk about with your haircutter?

I mostly make fun of my own head shape in the mirror right after it's all gone

Answered by IAWIA

She’s gossipy. It’s generally me listening and her talking/ranting. I think my visits might be more therapeutic for her than for me. 😝

Answered by LaDamaX

They're all closed or under heavy hygiene regulations! I really need to get my hair fixed but can't, so uh, not much at the moment.

His problems :P I don't know what it is, but people love opening up to me :o

Answered by Pandy

How's work going, where are you traveling, have you eaten at this restaurant yet? Stuff like that. I actually really like my hairdresser, she even came to my house during covid because all the salons were closed. I always tip her well she's great.


Answered by J1smith

I go to different barbershops in my living area. Some haircutters don't talk much and some talk a lot. When they talk I usually keep quiet and in some points, for the sake of being polite, just say some affirmative words. I'm not good at chitchatting with


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Answered by Arman

I let her chit chat about everything she likes, which she would do anyway. When she lost the subject or runs dry of any gossip I tell her how good she looks and if she would not tell me the secret behind her slim waiste. That never fails to get her back o


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Answered by Kate

Nothing. I barely go to the hairdresser. And whenever I go there I will just say what I want to be done and that's it. I hate gossiping, And sadly, that's all you get in the Hairdressers.

Answered by DUST

I just buzz my own head every couple of weeks, nobody else has cut my hair for years

I don't. She's been cutting my hair since I was a kid and knows that I'm not comfortable with chatting.

I used to love chatting to them, now I don't have the energy for it

Answered by korstybai

I don't have one and I never talked about anything with my haircutters.

What is the meaning of a haircut in other languages.

Answered by Hana

nothing I'm not a 50s house wife😆