Daniel asked 10 days ago

How good is your stamina?


How good is your stamina?

Depends what I'm doing, if I'm, say, on a treadmill it's boredom more than anything else that makes me want to quit

It depends on the objective. Generally, though, it’s pretty good.

Answered by LaDamaX

I don't buy those high-waisted jeans with the stacked buttons because I get tired after buttoning more than two buttons

my WHAT?

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Answered by Pandy

Running? Horrible.

Answered by korstybai

Good for running 200m not 400m

Answered by J1smith

I'm stubborn, that's all. A bad feature, I know.

Answered by Kate

Not good at all...

Answered by DUST

Average, unless I want more.

Answered by Hana

Like a brama bull baby😜🤣

I just did jumping jacks for like a whole minute.

Answered by inhahe