Daniel asked about 2 months ago

What's the most degenerate thing that you have done lately?

harassed someone


Had breakfast at 1pm

I just ate a Hula Hoop (a type of crisp/potato chip) that I found under my pillow.

I forgot to grab napkins so I licked my fingers in between each bite of a messy burger I had earlier.

I drank a large Coke, a large Mtn Dew, and a Brisk iced tea today.

Had a chat about hentai games in the NSFW channel of a political brony discord server



I dropped my pudding on the floor

I m searching for a subject to have a degree in.

sometimes when my cats poop on the floor I just leave it there for a day bc I'm too lazy to clean it up as soon as I see it

I turned off my engine in a ‘drop off-pick up only’ area when I went to pick up my daughter from swim practice. Technically, I guess I was parking instead of just picking up? 😅