Daniel asked about 1 month ago

What is a book that everyone should have read?

Guinness world record


Conversations with God book 1, 2 or 3 by Neale Donald Walsch


Learning Perl

… whatever's recent is probably good. I like 3rd & 4th editions.


Biochemical Adaptation by Peter Hochachka & George Somero tbh. jk, not really, I just don't read enough books to have a real recommendation

The SAS Survival Handbook

The Bible. Nah... jk. I don’t think there is one such book. Do you have a recommendation?

Die wahre Bedeutung der Bibel sowie die Wahrheit über Jesus Christus | Lanoo



The Bible!

Only joking. “1984” would seem to be particularly edifying just now.

The Silmarillion

It really adds phenonemal depth to Middle Earth

Honestly I would be happy if people just took the lessons from Dr. Seuss to heart

Gates of Lucifer, good luck.