Daniel asked 7 months ago

Who is one of your favorite pornstars?

Jennifer White. I am still in shock that she does milf porn by now. How fast they grow up...

And Rachel Starr is always a safe bet. Jayden Jaymes sadly doesn't act anymore.


mia khalfia was until she quit and started dating. but carmen caliente, kelly divine, and asia askria


resists temptation for a 'ya mum' joke


I never name names.




😂😂😂. I don't have one

Porn is too fake and extremely rapey for me to take seriously. The "professional" kind anyway. There's some good amateur stuff on PH that isn't grainy quality with shaky camera work. That's what I usually go for.

I don't know, a few of them are ridiculously cute, but I don't know any of their names. I remember once a long time ago I watched a porn movie on I think Cinemax which was called 'Wild Orchid' and in the credits the female's name was listed as Titre Chanso


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Ugh, professional pornstars are so bad. I don't find it sexy at all. even professionally produced lesbian porn is ass because it's basically made for straight dudes who think girls like having their clits rubbed off like fucking SANDPAPER. amateur couples


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I’m not a consumer of porn, but I hear the names Ron Jeremy, Dirk Diggler, and Jena Jameson pop up (no pun intended) from time to time. Not that I’m a fan of any of their work, as I’ve never seen them working their craft. ☺️


Attractive ladies among them for sho. Don't have a favorite. To be honest, I am not very familiar with their world. Here are for example some I do find good-looking: Nancy A, Kolevra, Ava Dalush, Lexi Belle. Ava is no longer in the game. Nancy and Kolevra


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It's gotta be a lot harder to become a huge porn star (or at least a well-paid one) these days, what with all your material probably free on the internet. I think my point is that I couldn't really identify one these days, or watch enough to say 'oh yeah,


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