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What do you miss about being a teenager?


What do you miss about being a teenager?

I guess I miss that strangers were more easily impressed by me when I was 13. If I was polite, didn't set fire to a building, and washed my own clothes, then they were like, "wOW, you're really something for a little pos."

The potential thats left.

Answered by Qafka

not being able to pay any bills

Being classified as jailbait. In all seriousness, I miss not having to deal with the pressure of earning money. Being new to certain things was kinda fun, like having my first crush

I had more friends and had a lot better social life.

Not paying a shit tonne of taxes

Being able to eat what I want. My metabolism was fast back then. Sadly that's no longer the case.

Growing older was exciting, especially when you had a crush on somebody.

getting away for being socially awkward in an adult context

Answered by nick

not paying bills

summer vacation

School was so easy back then smh. I had the energy to wake up at 6:30 am and shower every morning before school

My libido (what I still had left of it), my long, wavy, luscious hair, being the appropriate age for the girls I'm attracted to, having a bit more mental ability... but none of that potential actually amounted to anything so it doesn't really matter either


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