Daniel asked 6 months ago

Do you like rap?

Yes, and rn Youtube thinks I have a very one-track mind and will only suggest empowered lgbt rappers to me

It's not wrong, but I feel like it's judging me.

Yes, I love it.


I don't listen to a lot because I prefer music I can sing along to, but I do like some



nothing wrong with some hiphop


Yes. Some. Not all.





Not usually.

Really 'poppy' stuff I like or might be able to tolerate. I listen to the backing instruments/music sometimes more than the vocals. In rap that can be sad / minimal. Rap often feels like it has a 'skipping record'-effect (od


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I did but now I'm not into it. I just sometimes listen to Eminem's old raps.


Yeah, but more of the classical gangsta rap ( Dr. Dre and such) and some French rap.


Der Hai von Christian Anders fickt alles.

No and it bothers me that it seems to have become more popular in the last few years. It's degenerate/base/crude and hardly even really music. It's like thug/animal shit, anti-intellectual, subhuman. I don't know wtf is wrong with people, why can't people


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Some, I like rap that's about social commentary and the struggle and not rap that's about how many chicks they're fucking and Bentleys with the 24 inch rims and bathing in Cristal or whatever overpriced shit the kids are drinking now