Daniel asked 2 months ago

What is one of your favorite videogames?


Final Fantasy 7. Guild Wars Classic. Final Fantasy X. Do not make me choose.

MVP Baseball 2003

TF2, sunk a lot of hours into it, but I eventually stopped playing.




I have none.


BioShock. Such a hauntingly beautiful game.




Stardew Valley tbh

Super Mario Bros. 3, F-Zero X, SSX Tricky, MRC Racing, Mario 64, that's more than 1 sns


max payne , uncharted, ultimate alliance , and a few others


One? Oof. Ratchet and Clank 3.

I haven't played any video game for like 4 or 5 years. The only computer game that I liked and finished (on easy mode of course) was Call of Duty 1. I also used to play PES with my friends.


The Mass Effect trilogy, I'm replaying it now... like the narrative but hate the controls or at least the part where there is the same button for sprinting and for taking cover, meaning my Shepard takes cover when I wanted him to sprint and so he gets disi


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