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What makes you think god exists/does not exist?

Someone or something has to be responsible for the existence of our universe/the laws of physics that allow it to exist. Also I just like the idea


The very concept is self-contradictory. And even if it's not, there is no evidence what so ever favoring a god hypothesis.


I pray


Things are much too fucked up for it not to be by design

My personal gods do exist, while I am not so sure those of the others do.


There is literally nothing in my life that's happened that made me go "wow, that's a crazy thing, God MUST have done it." Everything that I've seen or heard about, I can attribute it to mechanistic explanations of people and/or nature or luck. I guess I've


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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence


That he/she does—-My own personal experiences. There is also too much order and synchronicity in our university for it to have occurred as a series of random events.




I don't know that God doesn't exist (or gods). Save crazy people, nobody knows. You have faith or you don't. Coincidence and confirmation bias may assist in this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitchens%27s_razor


Logically there is nothing indicating all this is the work of a supreme being. There's just too much uncertainty for all of us to pin our hopes on that belief. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's explanation of "stupid design" articulates this pretty well: https://i.img


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he created everything and what would make me think he doesn't there are so many different religions


Etwas musste von dem unerklärlichen Zustand des Nichts und aus der Zeitlosigkeit in die Zeit fallen. Dafür war ein Impuls nötig. Weiter kann Intellekt und Leben nicht aus dem Interagieren toter Materie entstanden sein, auch hier ist das Wirken einer geistl


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All the Meanness, cruelty and injustice in this World tbh. I can't believe someone with so much power and capable of everything (the Almighty) can allow that.

I've had enough psychic experiences to know that we're all connected/not 100% separate, and if we're all connected then there should be broader and broader/higher and higher levels of connection until you get to the unity of all beings, which is God. That'


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