Daniel asked 6 months ago

In the same job interview you get asked what your greatest weakness is. What do you say?

Sometimes I spend to much time trying to be original instead of taking the easiest way.


"How dare you calling me imperfect?" But seriously lack of social skills might be my answer.


My expert level depth-first approach to solving things. Gotta try baking a cake with quick set concrete first to rule that one out.


My greated weakness is my want for perfection. You always have to turn that question into something good though the question is stupid.


I almost always say communication because it's true and a lot of people/companies also suck at communicating, so it doesn't come off as a huge red flag. And then explain how I'm working to get better at it and stuff.


pfft next question future boss


Lack of confidence

I'm socially retarded and will sit there for like 3 hours trying to figure out how to word a really simple email or something


that I'm a creature of habit and hesitate to try new things. and it's also my understanding that what they want to hear is how you've been working on your weakness, so I'd have to reflect on that a lil more

I’m quick to judge, and I write people off easily, maybe.


This sounds like such a trick question, getting you to incriminate yourself. I think I'd Google what kind of answer you're supposed to (or is best to) give to this first. I've come upon an answer to this question before but I don't remember it.


That I’m an incredibly hard worker.


I can be a little rusty


My mind too. Or maybe my heart? 🤔