Daniel asked 8 months ago

Do you eat the crusts of your pizza?


Do you eat the crusts of your pizza?


yes, either it's a good crust or I must regret my choice of restaurant.

Answered by nick

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Depends on the quality of the pizza dough.

Answered by LaDamaX


Answered by ASouza

Yes first thing I do

Answered by J1smith

No. I've done it maybe once or twice in my life when I was really bored and/or there happened to be some marinara sauce to dip them in.

Answered by inhahe

Ofc! Quality pizza has good, noteworthy crust.

Sometimes, if they are filled then yes

yes I do

Answered by xvilyv

Only if it's thicc crust

Answered by Pawesome

Always, or nearly so.

if it's good tbh

It is the best of an Italian style pizza and it is a nuisance when it is a deep frozen industrial style "pizza". A real pizza has a lovely crust and any shitty wannabe pizza simply fails to have it.

Answered by Kate

Yes, if you're throwing away crust, that suggests to me you got either bad weak-ass crust and/or poor sauce/cheese/crust ratios - maybe it would be better to get the pan style where the cheese goes out to the edge, or get some marinara sauce and dunk those


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I cannot eat pizza anymore. My teeth are whäck.