Daniel asked 4 days ago

Do you eat the crusts of your pizza?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Depends on the quality of the pizza dough.



Yes first thing I do


No. I've done it maybe once or twice in my life when I was really bored and/or there happened to be some marinara sauce to dip them in.


Ofc! Quality pizza has good, noteworthy crust.

Sometimes, if they are filled then yes

yes I do


Only if it's thicc crust


Always, or nearly so.

I give it to the poor.


if it's good tbh


It is the best of an Italian style pizza and it is a nuisance when it is a deep frozen industrial style "pizza". A real pizza has a lovely crust and any shitty wannabe pizza simply fails to have it.


I love the cheese roll in Domino's 😍. It's the best part!!! I like the crusts

Yes, if you're throwing away crust, that suggests to me you got either bad weak-ass crust and/or poor sauce/cheese/crust ratios - maybe it would be better to get the pan style where the cheese goes out to the edge, or get some marinara sauce and dunk those


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I cannot eat pizza anymore. My teeth are whäck.