Daniel asked 3 days ago

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? If yes, how weak is your eyesight?

Yes. It’s ok— I can pass the vision test at the department of motor vehicles w/o my glasses.


Yes, I've been wearing glasses since I was 11 (although I needed them well before that). -7.25 in my left eye, -7.50 in my right. If you need me to read print without my glasses it needs to be about 4-5 inches in front of my face


I have a prescription (glasses), but I rarely ever wear them. My eyesight isn't that great for long-distance viewing (terrible maybe?), but it's good enough for 99% of my intents and purposes. Except for staring at cute girls. I wear them when I go out usu


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I have amblyopia, I can see well enough to know what things are out of my left eye if I close my right but my brain basically just pretends I only have one eye most of the time. So really it's more like I have one eye, but it has extended peripheral vision


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Yes, >2 diopters so I don't need em.


I'm supposed to wear glasses for reading, but I don't.


I don't but I should

Yes. I wear my glasses when I'm outside or want to watch TV. I'm near-sighted.


I have glasses, but I generally see well, they are mostly for driving at night

I'm fucked up, I need glasses for reading and working with my computer. Anything close is in a dusty cloud of soft filtered haze. I do not do contacts since my skin reacts very sensitive, my eyes are no exception. As I said, I'm fucked up.


I've been wearing glasses for about a year-and-a-half. I'm a bit nearsighted, I was having to squint to see stuff like the TV and numbers on the front of buses clearly.


Not great but not horrifying.

Yes. I can see ultra perfectly, better than anyone, you've never seen sight like this. I just wear huge unsightly glasses to dunk on animals because they can't wear glasses.

Glasses, I am lost without them.

I do, its good, I just use them for office work or when I've got a headache...or want to look like a hipster