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7amza asked about 4 hours ago · 2 Answers
Why movies overall are so artistically limited ?

You wouldn't say that if you've ever seen "Mulholland Drive".

7amza asked about 5 hours ago · 2 Answers
Do you think inventions are discoveries since the universe is just recycling everything all the time ?

I'm sure trigonometry was rediscovered. Just seems unlikely the ancient Egyptians weren't privy to it.

7amza asked about 4 hours ago · 2 Answers
What other nationalities you see daily irl, I see like 6.

Chinese, Russians, Turks, Indians, There's a couple from Argentina I see at work every day. It's pretty diverse here.

Pandy asked about 8 hours ago · 8 Answers
Have you been tested for COVID 19?

I have not. But I only travel to and from work since this whole thing started.

7amza asked about 11 hours ago · 2 Answers
Where/when if any, do you feel your organs are bigger than usual, guys you can talk about 'that' but it's not the point, nor them drugs.

They don't really think it be how it is, but it do.

7amza asked 1 day ago · 2 Answers
I woke up on this today, watch the entire video it's awesome https://youtu.be/oKFupx9x0-k

For once it's not Hezbollah

Daniel asked about 18 hours ago · 13 Answers
Can you concentrate for 8 hours a day?

No, my employer can attest to that.

Chris Martinez asked about 14 hours ago · 5 Answers
You have to be more than a little disturbed to even want to be president of the US. To rule over the free world u have to have a massive ego and a power trip.

Power trip is a verb not an adjective, and I wouldn't call Obama or Jimmy Carter an egomaniac.

7amza asked 1 day ago · 5 Answers
What is a language you find very peculiar, or weird in an interesting sense ?

Japanese. Lots of honorifics, old people speak it differently, as do men and women. I'm also fascinated with the fact there's an entire alphabet devoted to foreign "borrowed words" (katakana).

7amza asked about 19 hours ago · 4 Answers
How many irl slut you've seen since the beginning of this week ? ( me 79)
7amza asked about 19 hours ago · 3 Answers
Is your mom sexy ?

Not unless you're into middle aged Asian women

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 5 Answers
Have you ever been completely enchanted by someone? If so, I'd love to hear how it happened.

I met this super cute Japanese Brazilian girl who was visiting from the Netherlands at my previous job. She's a pretty major player for Philips which is a huge company, so she uses her position to help empower other women in business by holding these corpo


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Pandy asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
How would you describe your 'style'?

Casual yet chic

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 3 Answers
Voice actress Laura Bailey played that muscle chick in last of us P2. And she was threatened for that role. They even threatened to kill her baby. I'm like how dare you. Its a game, DON'T BUY IT!! They don't need u its sold a million copies already

Neckbeard fedora warriors think being amoral is virtuous.

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 4 Answers
related to my last post. I think that if you've never tried to create something. U have no right to critique other ppl's work. Youve never made anything yourself. U don't have the talent to do it or the guts to try. Your opinion is less then meaningless

I disagree. It's like Facebook moms who think anyone who's never had children is incapable of identifying shitty parenting (especially theirs).