ZouBisouBisou asked 3 days ago

Do you prefer wireless earbuds or is it better to have one less thing to charge?


Do you prefer wireless earbuds or is it better to have one less thing to charge?

sound quality > the inconvenience.


Answered by xvilyv

I have a wireless communicator in my ear with a microphone in it. Sound quality is abysmal but sufficient. Its talktime is several hours. Charges in a few minutes. For good music I prefer my BT headphones but I often use it connected with a cable which is


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It's not even about the charge for me, I will lose some Airpods about 13 milliseconds after I open the box

I’d rather not have one more thing to lose. I can’t seem to keep pairs of matching socks. What makes you think I can handle wireless earbuds?

Answered by LaDamaX

I don't wear earbuds. If I did it would be wired because bluetooth lossily compresses the audio.

Answered by inhahe

There's some pretty nice wireless earbuds these days. I got some bluetooth earbuds that are also earplugs so I can listen to stuff while I'm outside at work Shits so cash

Answered by Pawesome

I’ve used Bluetooth earbuds for years and I love them. I haven’t tried the true wireless ones because I know I’d drop one down a drain within a matter of days.

Answered by Penelope

Wired, although I haven’t really experienced enough wireless devices yet, so maybe I’ll find a pair I like

Answered by Dingus

I like wired ones. Bluetooth annoys me

I use mine infrequently enough to where charging is not much of a burden. it is way better than getting wires caught on everything and getting the earbuds yanked out of my ears

Answered by slagathor