The girl of the million faces asked 6 months ago · 5 Answers
What happens when you run out of questions?


I stop asking them.

Though I'd advise lots of people to quit way way before then. I've been a member of one Q/A forum or another for far far too long. People asking questions for the sake of doing so can be really sad/annoying.

That's where you get the #pulsequestion -territory , and stuff that should be tweet / statements, turned into questions.

Instead of unfollowing you like I should, I will complain about it, and both of us will be bothered. Then you will end up on my 'People who pissed me off on -spring' -list, like most of -spring(?) At some point after that, it's possibly I'll forget and we'll repeat the cycle. Though at this point when there's an issue of "Is this guy* on the list?" I usually assume 'yeah'.