Landeigestalt asked 6 months ago · 5 Answers
What are your thoughts on deepfake and related impersonation technology?


I feel like the idea has been put out there in a big way. Deep fakes are coming. Deep fakes are here. Maybe it's silly to think, but maybe it won't be a huge deal?

I want to say inevitably(?) there will have to be some stupid incident to wake people up. October 2020? 2024? There would have to be a thing where enough people believe it to make it an incident, but it can some how be disproven? Maybe some major network runs with it, but we're still just at the margin or they get something wrong that can be unverified.

To a point, this is more of the same. See action movies for the past 10+ years . We've seen things getting closer and closer. Also so much news has been editing taking things out of context. I guess this is the danger. They don't 'need' deepfakes, but that could give them a big push.