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Arrrsk something!

Daniel asked 21 days ago · 13 Answer
Why should someone hire you?

I can hold in my farts for several hours.

Shannon asked 22 days ago · 10 Answer
We are haveing a power cut right now, when was the last time you had a power cut?

2-3 days ago. We didn't have electricity for 5 hours. This summer there have been lots of power cuts in most parts of my country. It's a frustrating situation ...

Daniel asked 22 days ago · 10 Answer
A few days ago I've finally bought a Nintendo Switch. Do you have one? Would you like to have one? My friend code is SW-8122-9276-4813 if you want to add me

TBH I have no idea what it's like and what games you can play on it.

Daniel asked 21 days ago · 14 Answer
Do you put used tissues into your pocket to use them again later?

Only if I couldn't find any trash bins near me. Otherwise it's just disgustang.

Alice 💋 asked 21 days ago · 12 Answer
What's a popular game series you've tried and didn't quite enjoy? Borderlands sucks.. I've tried and it's just terrible.

Counter-Strike?! It it a series? I don't know ... But when I was a kid I played it with my friends and in just 30-40 minutes I was killed many times. I decided that it's not a good game!

Shannon asked 21 days ago · 10 Answer
Have you had a productive day?

Though it's my off day, I think I have so far. I finally configured my system to play YouTube videos from MPV player. Now I can watch YouTube videos at speeds greater than 2x! I also cooked lentil soup for the first time. It was delicious.

Shannon asked 20 days ago · 7 Answer
Have you been watching or reading anything new lately? 💞

Finished first season of The Sopranos. Wanna watch Mare Of Easttown.

Daniel asked 20 days ago · 12 Answer
What's really normal about you?

What Alice said. I recently finished watching Friends for the third time.

Daniel asked 19 days ago · 10 Answer
Have you ever seen your mother eating cornflakes?

I don't think so. I'm not even sure if I've eaten it 'cause I'm not quite sure what it is.

Kate Matsuda asked 18 days ago · 7 Answer
I'm again in home office, not due to Covid, but due to damaged streets, flooding and the traffic being severely affected in this area. Who works in dry heat?

Yeah, I heard the news. Are you OK? I didn't watch any video clips of the flood but apparently several people have died ...

LaDamaX asked 29 days ago · 13 Answer
What was an item that you coveted as a child and why?

PlayStation. Never got one. The rich kids usually had one.

Daniel asked 29 days ago · 17 Answer
How dangerous are you?

When I was a kid I kicked a bunch of kids in the balls! So don't try to fuck with me! Man when I think about my childhood I feel lucky that I didn't end up in jail or something ...

Daniel asked 29 days ago · 16 Answer
Do you know what engineers do?

Its equivalent word in Persian [and maybe Arabic] literally means "Someone who knows geometry". I'm not very good at geometry TBH!

MERIDA asked 28 days ago · 9 Answer
When you're knowing someone, How long would you say you have to wait to know their true colors?

Depends on the person. With some people it might take seconds. With others it might take years ...

Daniel asked 28 days ago · 18 Answer
What's your favorite water?

I just drink tap water most of the time. If it's a bit cold, then it's better for me.