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Do you think about other retrospring users now and then when you are not on on retrospring?

Yeah, sometimes I think about a few people on here that I regularly have interaction with. I also sometimes remember the users that haven't been on the site for a long time. Yesterday I checked my old Twitter account after a long time to see if @_ is still



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What do you ask yourself?

Why are you so awkward? Why don't you take more risks? What are you afraid of? ...

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Judgment day, is the name of this day for the rebels in Beirut, they took like 5 ministries today and the army ran, they're searching for everything to know the real fucker behind the explosion.

I was intrigued by their chants against Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, and Iran. I hope in the coming days they chant against Khamenei.

I've seen video clips where protesters were being shot. My mind immediately blamed Hezbollah and Iranian religious milit



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Have you ever started a fight ? What was it for ?😈

Yup. I had many fights when I was a little kid. Basically I was a bully! I think most of my fights were happened while I was playing football with other kids.

Daniel約22時間前に質問しました · 15 回答
Were you an uncool teenager?

I was one of the popular ones both in middle school and high school. I turned into an uncool person when I started college.

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Do you use a blue light filter at night?

On my laptop I have an app for that. It's always running . Its intensity changes according to the time of day. On my phone I also have some kind of app but I only use it at nights before sleeping. I don't use my phone very much.

7amza4日前に質問しました · 6 回答
Do you do anything when you sleep other than sleep ?

Unconsciously listening to some books, podcasts, voices. Oh I remembered I wanted to download some ocean sounds from YouTube for tonight.

Pandy4日前に質問しました · 17 回答
Have you been tested for COVID 19?

Nope. A couple of months ago when I had some symptoms of COVID-19 and my respiratory system was acting up, I went to two hospitals to get tested but I was told that unless I was dying I couldn't get tested. It's a pretty usual response that you get in a Th



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What's something besides watch TV that you do at home to relax?

I don't have a TV but I watch some TV series on my laptop. I sometimes spend some time on YouTube watching stupid pranks and whatnot. I listen to music. [I'm always listening to music. Basically I can't work without music.] I sometimes spend time to optimi



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Buddha once said if there is a problem and you can't solve it, just leave it, do you understand how easy things can be for you ?

If I do that, I definitely lose my job. My entire job is about problem solving. I sometimes spend days to solve a problem. However things can be easy for me if you give money in exchange for leaving problems unsolved.

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The political elite in Lebanon are accused of the bombing, to force people to stop their liberal revolution, but things are wack rn and an uprising is eminent, people are asking the French army to interfere.

Yeah. I've seen the footage of people asking Macron for help. I've also heard about the petition that asked France to take control of Lebanon. Some may find it funny but this is how we Iranians feel about the Islamic regime too. People are so fed up with



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What is the best you can get for 20€(23,68$)?

Maybe a used Raspberry Pie from eBay. For me one exciting thing about Raspberry Pie is that it can turn a dumb TV into a smart TV.

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Would you eat at a really good restaurant if you knew that the owner is a nazi?

I would certainly not if I lived in a free country. Even If I lived in Nazi Germany, I wouldn't. Anyway that's not that big a deal 'cause I generally don't eat at restaurants. I try not to consume products/services owned by terrible people. I don't like to



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What's your happy hour ?

Usually after 2 AM when I finish working.

7amza2日前に質問しました · 3 回答
What's a colour you wear after mourn ?

In the culture I was brought up with, not the Iranian culture, people don't have a tacit dress code for funerals. It's not like those funerals where people usually wear black. People wear whatever they like to wear and it's considered totally fine.