Penelope asked 6 months ago · 10 Answers
How aware are you of your online activities being tracked? Does it bother you? Do you do anything to guard against it?

Google Chrome is not my main browser' I just use it for development purposes and I think I'd better switch to Firefox or some other open source browser. Brave is my main internet browser which is open source and has a built-in ad blocker/anti-tracker and HTTPS upgrader. I use TOR browser when I do my shady business (AKA ranting about the Islamic regime on Twitter). I don't log into my Google or Yahoo account in my browser unless it's absolutely necessary. By doing this, [I hope] I don't let google see what I search on Google or what I watch on YouTube. I sometimes log into my Google accounts just to clear any history that Google keeps on my online activities. I have a personal VPN server (well not much of a personal server; I share it with two of my friends to reduce the costs.) to access some blocked websites.