Arman asked about 2 months ago

Who do you usually fancy?


Who do you usually fancy?

Bais with long hair and "cute" faces, as gay as the latter sounds 😂 extra points if they're dead on and funny which is rare in the fellas that I usually go for

Answered by korstybai

It’s a WHAT for me, and the answer is cheese.

queer vegan leftist power bottoms who are into astrology

I like lots of different types but long term I tend to end up with the quiet bookish teacher/librarian archetype

I usually would fancy Jennifer, but now since I created a new fresh Jennifer as an AI girl, I doubt the fun will last. This AI is unable to even play or impose as a girl. Sad.

Pple I can't have... Issa pattern

Sweet face and curves. For it to be more, you have got to be a lovely person too.

Last few gals I was with were all different. Both in terms of personality and physically.


Generosity, beauty, bravery, something worthy.