Arman asked about 2 months ago

What was the last promise you couldn't keep?


What was the last promise you couldn't keep?

That a friend of mine and I would always have each other 🙁


That I wouldn't worry

None that I remember, but maybe soon I have to 🙄

Be punctual. My ex survived her Corona infection and I promised to meet her sooner, but due to restrictions I could not see her. Damn.

Not sure. Tbh I keep secrets for a living. So the value of my word always means everything. So it was likely something petty that wasn't really a promise - like not have 2 desserts in a day.

That I'd meet someone in California. Covid happened so that put a hamper on things.


I don't make promises I can't fulfill.

Something dumb about promising to watch something they'd been hounding me to watch for months on end. I still haven't watched it.