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[From the BBC show "The Big Questions"] Is masculinity in crisis?


[From the BBC show "The Big Questions"] Is masculinity in crisis?

I guess so, but good riddance. For the most part the line between masculinity and toxic masculinity is very thin or even blurry. Wars are caused by masculinity. Capitalism is the result of masculinity. Masculinity makes the world a cold and harsh place. I


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Answered by inhahe

More like masculinity is being bred & conditioned out of men. We have to be more sensitive, more in touch with our feelings, fighting is wrong, wanting to have sex with many different women is wrong and bad. Masculine behaviors are being demonized

Masculinity is not in crisis, social norms are changing and there are some reactionaries shitting a brick about it, I promise it will be fine. Wait I mean it will not be fine we are doomed but THAT aspect will be fine

Men think wearing masks is gay. U tell me

...crisis is a bit strong. But its struggling to find its place in this new society.

Answered by Pandy

Masculinity is just trying to find himself STILL, and straight men are salty about it because they think if he figures it all out it'll mean they're gonna have to start washing their butts.

Nah. Not when you do not believe that the Marlborough-Man is the only masculine being worth to live.

First I'd like to know what's understood by the concept "masculinity".

Answered by MERIDA

A lot of men seem to think their vehicle of choice is a substitute for masculinity

Is masculinity in men ?

Answered by Saater