Arman asked 2 months ago

When do you usually say "that's tits!"?


When do you usually say "that's tits!"?

When someone points to tits and asks, “what’s that ?”

Answered by cLOUD

When a lady takes her top off and I say it out of sheer excitement...

Answered by Pandy

I've never said that. I'm not even sure I've heard it. Now that I've heard it, I still won't say it. Although if I see a group of tit birds and happen to know what tit birds look like, I might say, "those are tits!".

Answered by inhahe

Never and I've never seen or heard anyone say that.

Answered by AJS

I categorically deny ever uttering those words.

Answered by Penelope

Occasionally I'll use the expression "that's the tits McGee" of something is of superb quality

I’ve never heard of/used that expression before.

Answered by LaDamaX

I guess when I realize I'm looking at something that's tits, but slyly tits. Not overtly tits. Sort of almost secretly tits. Subtly tits. Oh like when I take my entire shirt off.

When I quote Eric Cartman.

I've said "that's the tits" but never just "that's tits"


haha, I've never said that. German is a language with also many non-sexual curses at hand.

When i see em.

Answered by Saater


Answered by MERIDA