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"The rich get richer in any financial system." Do you agree or disagree?


"The rich get richer in any financial system." Do you agree or disagree?

Not if you eat them first

I guess so, money = opportunities to make more... and if you tax them they move elsewhere, if you've got the funds it can be simple enough to operate as a globalised business and avoid paying tax. You could heavily regulate things but I think emerging econ


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Answered by Pandy

well they are certainly going to try... but I wouldn't care that the rich got richer if it meant the poor got richer too, unfortunately the lie that is trickle down economics continues to persist

I don't know enough to answer, except that it's safe to say that, if that financial system taxes the hell out of the rich (for example, with a wage cap), then the rich won't get richer, at least after a certain point.

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I agree.

Yes, even the USSR had a few secret millionaires. China has quite a few, as do social democracies in Northern Europe. Turns out paying high taxes has little if any impact on the mega wealthy.

Not in the long run. After a period of growing heaps of wealth any financial system is due to breakdown. When the financial resources of a society are depleted economy suffers and declines. Nevertheless chances of survival are always better when you have


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Investments are hugely given priorities and easy legislations, but really it's up to you to figure out how to make money.

Answered by Saater

Mostly agree

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