Arman asked 5 months ago

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

Absolutely. I'm hyped about it.



Probably if I knew more about it.



I wouldn't be an early adopter, but I'd probably try it if it became a thing.

To me, current fake meats aren't that bad. Very likely bad for you, but pretty tasty in the right contexts. If you go back to red meat after not having had it for a


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Yes but not veggies


Sure. Why not.


I would try it, if it has a comparable flavor and texture then I'm in

I dunno, I think that's just a little too creepy for me. I'd probably just stop eating meat before I'd eat lab-grown meat. Although it's sad to admit I'd put animals through torture and death before I'd eat creepy meat.


You know, a lot of people around here kill and then butcher their own deer. Then sometimes, they offer me some of their deer chili and I'm like, "no, uH, no thank you." And they're like, "look at this weirdo lib queer, won't even eat the deer I butchered


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Not without long term peer reviewed studies.

Sure, just for a gigl


Yes, id prefer it over conventional meat


No. Frankenmeat is where I draw the line.

Yeah, I would give it a try. For me it is more about ethics than health.

Sounds expensive, but I have no moral/principled stands against the lab-grown part, so yes tbh