Arman asked 5 months ago

When was the last time you went to a religious place (synagogue, church, mosque, etc)?

Years ago by now. I don't remember.

Yesterday. There is a small Virgin Mary Chapel here which I pass frequently but I do not stop there for any sort of religious purpose. I sometimes use religious places or buildings for my private pagan rituals, like e.g. lighting a candle in memory of love


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Funeral, 1 to 3 years ago?


Not since my cousin's wedding 4 years ago. She got married at a small chapel.

Christmas 2018. My dad was very adamant about wanting the family to go back to church. He asks us to go for every major holiday and for Christmas we finally had no excuses. After the service we went to a restaurant and I asked him what he thought of the it


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I don't know but it was months ago.


A few weeks ago. I’m not very regular w my church attendance lately.


I went to a church in Florida in 2017 to see my brother sing. Before that though, I hadn't been in a church in 9 years. Didn't wanna risk bursting into flames and ruining my nice clothes.

I go to church a couple of times a week. I was there today in fact. I only go to the cafe in the church though - none of that god funny business.