Arman asked 10 months ago

When do you usually need to be attractive?


When do you usually need to be attractive?

all the time

Answered by xvilyv

Same thing Penelope said. =P

Answered by inhahe

When I start feeling like a washed-up old prune. I do my hair, make-up, and put on a nice outfit and some heels. :)

Answered by LaDamaX

When heterosexual men are interviewing you for a job or promotion.

Whenever I want someone to notice me. That's when I get them yoga pants on

If you're socially awkward but attractive people will think you're cute. If you're an asshole people will put up with it more often if you're attractive. I guess it's not NECESSARY at those times but it helps a ton

Whenever I leave the house. Never happens though...

When I feel like it. And when I want to conquer a crush.

Answered by Kate

If someone likes me

Answered by Seta

Never. It's over, Arman.

the fall mating season


Answered by Pandy

Well, I'm not rich and have no special skills, so probably all the time. Unfortunately, I'm so gd cool that my personality and my appearance can't cooperate with that tho. Being conventionally attractive is sO mainstream, also, capitalistic. So, I'm obviou


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