Arman asked 10 months ago

How do you usually acquire a significant other?


How do you usually acquire a significant other?

The internet, same place I get my friends

I don’t go looking. You’ll never find them if you’re trying too hard. Just be open to anything and they’ll come.

Answered by Penelope

Through the power of prayer

I've never had a significant other and don't know how to get one or how others get one. I'm also not looking to get one. If the right person fell into my lap, that would be cool but I'm content to be single.

Answered by ASouza

Dating apps and mutual friends. Neither has worked very well

Talk to her online and make her fall in love with me.

Answered by inhahe

Significant other store

Answered by cLOUD

I stumble across them by chance and by surprise. Active searching never did it.

Answered by Kate

I haven’t acquired one in a long time, but generally by going out dancing or sometimes I would meet people in my classes/school.

Answered by LaDamaX

Nets are always a solid tactic :p

Tinder or through mutual friends. Second option is best as they're vetted ahead of time.

I just leave a trail of chocolate to a clearing in the forest then wait for one to show up and drop the net, the classics still work