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What do you hate about your parents?


What do you hate about your parents?

my dad is an empty husk with a human face painted on. my mom has bad taste in men.

Me mum is a little bit nosey and me dad is really messy and unorganized

Answered by Pawesome

Nothing any more.

Answered by Kate

On an individual level or as a couple?

Answered by LaDamaX

I don't, I wish I cared enough to hate something, and it's not like they cared anyway so it's all even

They think I have ideas above my station. If it was up to them I’d be living on a council estate in my hometown, with a nice little job, two point four children, just getting by. Because I have a nice life, nice things, go to places and do things they’ve n


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Answered by Penelope

That I've very few things I am greatful for and cherish from the time I got to live under the same roof with them.

Answered by nick

That they didn't attend any of my 3 graduations. Bar that they are lovely.

Answered by Pandy

close-minded, overprotective, don't always treat me like an adult

I hated my father. Don't care about him now. He is just a bad person and caused us children a lot of suffering. There is nothing even to like about him. I am not in the mood for details.

My dad often (OK, sometimes) yells and cusses at people, he's nasty. But he's 10x better than he used to be. I think he likes to dominate too.

My mom also seems to be very dominating, but since I've been close to her and loved her all my life, and she's b


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Answered by inhahe