Arman asked 2 months ago

What would you do if you didn't have access to the Internet for several days? ( )

I’d read a book or several. 📚



Guess I'd read books on my kindle. I can't really watch TV as I've come to rely on streaming shows.

I mean we've had power outages that lasted 3-4 weeks here, so it's happened. Not the worst thing in the world, I just went to work, read books, watched DVDs. There's plenty to do.

Nintendo and Sony handhelds, TV-Shows, Piano practice, Walks through the woods.

I would probably die


Yeah I herd about what happened in your place, basically you have to overthrow the government already.


OK, I would probably more often do phonecalls.


Play crusader kings 2 for hours at a time, think up fire tweets to post.

My neighborhood? They'd figure out who was responsible and drag them through the street like Mussolini. I may or may not be on the scene